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Consultation Services

If you think career evaluation might be helpful for you, please contact me for a free phone consultation to learn about my services. Career consultation takes place during four, one hour meetings, typically over a two month period of time. I recommend that clients complete all four meetings to maximize the benefits of my evaluation and recommendations. 

My approach to career evaluation is highly personalized. Each individual's results will vary based on their work and educational background, results from the Strong Interest Inventory, available resources, and readiness for change.

Meeting 1: Interview

During our first meeting, I will conduct a thorough interview of your background and goals, including your work and education history. Please bring a copy of your resume to our first meeting.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII) Testing

Following our first meeting, you will complete the SII online. I will be notified when you have completed the test, and will have a copy of your results for you at our second meeting.

Meeting 2: Testing Feedback

I will provide you with an overview of the SII and go through your specific testing results including your occupational and basic interests, personal work style, and specific job recommendations as generated from the testing.

Meeting 3: Recommendations

In our third meeting, we will discuss the results of your SII as they relate to your initial interview, and create a set of recommendations for possible directions for you to take in your career search. We will also discuss your next steps.

Meeting 4: Taking Action

During the fourth meeting, we will evaluate how the recommendations and action plan are working, and further refine your next steps to put a plan in place.


Please contact me for pricing information.